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Caitlin Anne Surakitbanharn

November 17, 1986

Tokyo, Japan

dark brown

dark brown



Layer Two: On the Inside

passionate, loving, analytical, laid back


intense, indulgant, can be socially awkward

have a happy family

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

need coffee.

ranges from 9 pm to 5 am

nothing. i'm happy with my life in present.

Layer Four: Pick Your Choice

neither. i don't drink soda at all.




japanese green tea.


hot coffee or iced lattes

Layer Five: Do You




i am married!


yes and no.  i exercise every day and walk everywhere, but i love chocolate.

Layer Six: In the Past Month


yes sort of.

yes - i live in Japan.



Layer Seven: Have Your Ever?

of course.



Layer Eight: Getting Old

I am married!

Layer Nine: Perfect Mate

the color that my husband's eyes are is perfect.

whatever?  black.


Layer Ten: What were you doing...

picking a song to listen to.

in a meeting.

eating dinner.

i was in Myanmar.

Layer Eleven: Finish the Sentence

my life, my husband, my house, my research.

excited to hang out in California for the next month!

being stressed out.

under the blankets when i'm cold.

ordering food in english.

water, chocolate, jok that my husband makes (thai rice soup), to feel his skin on mine when i sleep, and to laugh every day!

why i love running

 i love running because when i run, i'm not the caitlin who is shy and struggles to open up to new people.  i'm not the caitlin who doesn't make friends easily.  i'm not the caitlin who is introverted, who is quiet, who like to keep a very small inner circle and not have many peripheral friends.  when i run, i'm not the caitlin who is sometimes misconstued as anti-social or stuck-up because i'm quiet.

when i run, i'm strong.  i have endurance and i can go for miles.  when i run, i'm focused, i'm happy, and it's okay to be listening to my headphones and not talking to other people.  when i run, i'm the caitlin who has the self discipline to get out on the road even after a long, trying day at work and work hard and sweat.  

i love to run because it makes me who i really am.  it strips away all of the armour i put on during the day to shield myself.  
manhattan tomorrow and wednesday for apartment hunting!

and then six weeks until it's time to rage!


i love you, i hate you.

68 days until i move to manhattan.

this is the way we live.

so..life updated.
-i bought a nike+ and it's changed my life.  just run!
-only 2 weeks of class left, then finals...then i'm a college graduate.
-80 days until i move to new york.
-it's supposed to start getting gorgeous within the next two weeks. i'm pretty psyched about it.
-i can't decide if i should get a hair cut or not!
-it's mom's day tomorrow at dg. i'm excited, it's going to be super fun.
-i have picked out my graduation dress. yay.
-i've been talking to gpp a lot lately and it's really making me happy. can't wait to be reunited.
-that's it. life's pretty legit.

25 Random Facts About meCollapse )

Dec. 5th, 2008

 standing by a broken tree
her hands are all twisted
she's pointing at me
i was damned by light coming over as
she spoke with a voice that disrupted the sky
she said hold on love, don't be ashamed
i will wrap you in my arms and you know you'll be safe

let me sign

kissed the boys and made them cry....

 you're just what's come over me
you're who's gotten into me
you did this thing to me
i used to be so bad....

but you, you make me better
you give me pleasure
must be what's best for me
you make me sweeter
you give me fever
i'm a believer


spotted: c, burning up the phone lines with some very exciting news.  if the rumors are true, c is about to be a working woman for good!  congrats, bitch!