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this is the way we live.

so..life updated.
-i bought a nike+ and it's changed my life.  just run!
-only 2 weeks of class left, then finals...then i'm a college graduate.
-80 days until i move to new york.
-it's supposed to start getting gorgeous within the next two weeks. i'm pretty psyched about it.
-i can't decide if i should get a hair cut or not!
-it's mom's day tomorrow at dg. i'm excited, it's going to be super fun.
-i have picked out my graduation dress. yay.
-i've been talking to gpp a lot lately and it's really making me happy. can't wait to be reunited.
-that's it. life's pretty legit.

1.  i am really legit about getting atleast 8 hours of sleep.  i rarely sacriface anything for sleep.

2.   i love to work out.  i used to hate running but now i love to run, so i run almost every single day.

3.  i golf and i don't suck.  i mean, i'm not kicking anyone's ass yet, but for someone who has only been serious about golf for about a year, i'm pretty good.

4.  i am really private about my relationship.  i just feel like it's not really anyone's business except ours.

5.  i love to read, and i hate having my picture taken, and i prefer to communicate via text.  i legit screen phone calls.

6.  i'm weirdly obsessed with magazines... i love them.  elle, vogue, bazaar, W, shape, fitness, elle decor, architechural digest, martha stewart living, marie claire, real simple, glamour.  i get them every month, without fail.

7.  i love hydrangas.

8.  i love ashley olsen.  i think she's really fierce and she really takes her role in business really seriously and i really respect her.

9.  i'm an industrial engineer and i legit love what i do.  i have a lot of other interests, and a lot of other things i'd be good at, but being an engineer is really natural for me.

10.  i cannot swim and am deathly afraid of uncontrolled bodies of water.  my greatest fear is a tsunami.

11.  i have a crush on rob pattinson.. it's embarrassing but it's true.

12.  my favorite movies are breakfast at tiffanys, roman holiday, and vanilla sky.  i think i'm like..the only person in the world who likes vanialla sky.

13.  i don't wear costume jewelry.  i wear the same pieces every day...my bulgari ring, my michele watch, and my tiffany's necklace.

14.  i recently bought a nike+ for running, and i'm TOTES obsessed with it.

15.  in July, i'm moving to new york city and i'm so excited. i've been waiting for this my entire life.

16.  one of my all-time favorite moments from any tv show ever was in My So-Called Life, when Jordan is walking down the hall with Angela and grabs her hand and holds her hand, and the Buffalo Tom song is playing.  it. is. amazing.

17.  my favorite parts of my body are my shoulders and my lips. and my feet. my feet are kind of odd, but i think they're great.

18.  my soulie is gpp, and we often talk in abbreviated form.  it's totes inapprop because no one can understand us except us, but that's why its gorg.

19.  i love warm weather and hate cold weather.  i'd be totes fine with 90 degree weather every day, 100% humidity, etc. if it meant i never had to deal with weather below 65 degrees.  i really belong in a warm climate.  i look better in less clothes, anyways.

20.  i drive a jeep and i LOVE IT.  seriously. my jeep makes me deliriously happy.

21.  i am a die-hard cubs fan. i bleed cubbie blue and have no sport respect for you if you're a white sox fan.  i'd break up with someone if i found out they were a white sox fan. i'm that serious about it.

22.  i love sports.  playing, watching, attending...i love them all.  baseball is my fav, followed closely by football, golf, hockey, and basketball.  or anything else.  i'm totes content watching sportscenter every night, as well as the golf channel. 

23.  i'm pretty legit about music.  i like all genres, and i don't think i could pick a favorite.  but my all-time favorite songs are Little Wing (hendrix), whole lotta love (zeppelin), shine (david gray), and ramble on (zeppelin).  i love the classics, i guess.

24.  i'm in a sorority, which is kind of random, but i'm really glad i did it.  its been an experience...and i wouldn't trade it for the world.

25.  i live my life in extremes.  i see things in black and white.  i'm not colorblind...i just see situations like..i'm in or i'm out.  i don't half ass too much, i don't live in the grey areas.  some people think that's a bad way to live, and that's fine, but i'm happy with the way i am, and i'm happy with my life.  it's amazing, just the way it is.  i have no regrets.

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