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we got lucky
baby we've been blessed
couldn't ask for more, wouldn't settle for less
if this is as good as it gets....that's good.

it's good to be us....

yeah, we live like this.

sightings:  c, playing bingo with her mom at a church festival.... even the best "slum it" in the name of a little gambling.   l and r, out for a little "qt" dinner down in lafayette.  law school is about to start for r... they just grow up so fast!  s, MIA in san fran.  c, out to lunch with the grandparents and her mom in downtown highland park, also later seen making unnecessary dress purchases.  r, downtown, running law-related errands.  c, at an outlet mall...ew! but she did look fierce the following day for work, so maybe it was worth the shame.  c, l, and r lunching in the city.  c was making a bfd about her grilled cheese on wheat, with tomato, and white truffle oil.... the girl knows what she wants.  c & l, giggling at american apparel, while r hung back, happy to see them happy.  c was overheard happily chatting about some leather leggings....she IS trouble, no doubt.  l, having a tres faux attack in her room.... wonder about what?

summer is almost over, bbs.  that's a sad story!  it's almost time to trade the bikinis in for the books..... but no doubt, their senior year promises to be hotter than ever before.....


mark and i spent the entire day today, constantly refreshing the u.s. open blog, and waiting with baited breath to see how the playoff round of the tournament would play out.  and i was sitting in my cube, hitting refresh a million and a half times, tense, thinking....if i'm tense, imagine what it must be like to be them!  and like...tiger's ability to hold under pressure is so impressive.  and it made me think back to my own days of sports pressure, pitching for softball....winning state chamionships, etc.  and i secretly....miss that competetive drive.  when i was on...i was unbeatable.  sticking with golf has a lot to do with my competetive drive, but its a different kind of competetiveness.  it's more against myself.  it's more like...don't let yourself beat yourself.  usually...on the golf course, no matter who you are with....the only person who can beat you...is you.

so that's that.  my weekend was pretty good. golfed, father's day, etc.  shopped a little too.  had dinner with lyndsay late last night.   i love her, what would i do without her....seriously?  we just can't wait to get our Hermes bracelets...best friendship bracelets EVER.   work has been going well. i really like doing the product availability meetings!!!!  they are TRES gorgeous.  and i had an interesting like...back and forth email situation today.  loves it.

my thighs/hamstrings are SOOO inexplicibly sore.  i have no idea what i did to them!  maybe it was the lunges i thought would be a great idea when i went for a run on saturday night.....but i do lunges on a regular basis.  why is today different?  who the hells know.  overs it.  went to the paper source this afternoon to get gift-wrapping accessories.....it actually was really fun!  i sometimes tend to lack in the creativity department...like wrapping gifts and things, but i'm VERY pleased with this gift i just wrapped!  all right, another boring night in the northern suburbs....work tomorrow and a haircut afterwards. 

welcome to the good life

sightings:  s in LA with j and m, enjoying some beach action and taking in a cubs/dodgers game.  c and l, tossing back a cocktail or two at dinner, followed by a shot of crown royal.  causing trouble within the first hour they're together, of course.  c,l,l, and r piling into z's ridgeline, toting more luggage for a weekend than most would need in a month....they're high maintainence..they can't help it.  p, d, and j midstate, making a few grand  in just a days work, must be nice.  c and l, boating in Culver, laying out in the bow, bikini-clad, z at the helm, making the girls happy by going fast...  living the good life, ladies.  ......gorgeous loves fast.   

life is good for  c & l...a weekend of martinis, bikinis, boating, and bronzing.....  it may be lonely at the top, but i have a feeling those two keep each other company.

 Live for those moments where you feel your life lift up and take off.....

fashion fades, style is eternal

 Yves Saint Laurent passed away.

"Over the years, i have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it."

RIP, genius.

be who you are, i am who i am.....

well...live from the northern suburbs!  i started my job at abbott and i think i like it so far.  it's.... slow right now.  i haven't really gotten my actual assignment yet, so we'll see.  i like the guys in my group though! they're fabulous.

last sunday, L and R came to visit me!  we played in highland park, had a tres chic lunchers at Cosi, and then shopped around.  i got la mer lip balm!!!!   omg it's heavenly.  a long weekend at home this weekend, and then mooore work.  OH but then the SATC party next saturday with steph, sonia, katy, and other randoms.  should be good!  the movie and then a small bar crawl.

everything else is good!  everything else is like...where it should be.

you know i love you......

i love AZ

so here's the most recent updates:

-i'm dunzo with my junior year, you know you love it.
-i have a little sunburn on my chest.... it's not really sunburn, more like...slightly red, tender skin. i don't get legit sunburns. 
-i start work next monday which is hawt.
-i miss lyndsay and we're going to get a really ugly fish next semester for our room and name him "creep."
-i may or may not be kicking ass in golf right now?  i think it's luck but that's fine too.
-gorgeous weather...gotta love that.
-my "going away" party is saturday...i'm not going very far, just the north side, but still...an excuse for a party in my name!!!!
-it's not a bfd, but i maybe really want to do phil mickelson. it's totally fine though.
-i bought a really gorgeous racerback tank top yesterday!  it's more skin than my usual racerbacks....which is why i love it....!

the end =)

it's good to be on top...

 this is just a little FYI..... but right now, in my life, i'm really happy.  

like, truly happy.  smile randomly, laugh to myself, totally in love with the best people in my life and totally in love with myself, happy.

and it's gorgeous.

the city of sin

so sb '08 in vegas was fucking gorgeous!

6:30 flight....getting up at 2:30 a.m., not hot.
the TRES FAUX bitch on the plane...but it's fine.
arriving at the bellagio...welcome home!
the really gorgeous boy at barney's with perfect skin and glossy lips.
the hour long sephora session.
lunchers at cheesecake factory and that WOW-esque display in the center of the forum shops.
time for check-in!  the bell boy was gorgeous.
down to the pool...maybe a hurricane at the bellagio pool...seriously.
upstairs for a little nappers.  tres chic.
shower, quick din-din, back up to the room to get tres chic.
WORKING IT through the via bellagio shops.
"let's play a game called...how many bitches can i get to want it." maybe around 50.
drinks at shadow, the bartender maybe remembered me from christmas time...hahahaha.
met roddy on the bridge..off to The Bank at the Bellagio. 
front of the line privilages...that guy i cut off was REALLY mad.
up the escalator..welcome to bank, bitches!
champagne, shots, and 3 hours of dancing at bank....it's BALLER.
maybe dancing with a hot black man, it's fine.
last song of our night..GIMME MORE.. perfection.
turned in at 3 a.m.  we were up for 27 hours, it's fine.

brunch at paris!  TRES FUCKING CHIC.
shopping at the planet hollywood mall.
the REALLY awk father-son gymnastics routine.
getting gelato and all being really creeped by it...... :-D}=
footlocker with tito!!!!  
"just run all of the shoes by the girls, they're making the decisions anyways."  good call roddy.
me tying roddy's shoes.
where's sean? OH! buying those inserts!
bringing the boys back to our room to play.
we went to the pool, they napped.
naked photosessions and the pool waitress that couldn't add.
upstairs to rinse off and get dressed.
"do you want some rice because here it commmesssss."
maybe a tres chic c & L photosession at the table.
roddy, sean, and their tea.
off shopping...TRES FAUX THEORY.
me, having a tres faux attack.
"look honey, look at that tres faux prada outfit." "OMG THAT IS TRES FAUX."
changing into better outfits to walk roddy to his poker tournament.
"those two?" "which two?" "THOSE TWO." "OH YES."  and then getting chased down by The Bank bouncers to get VIP cards to get in...
Pure...umm..the HUGE gorgeous black bouncer, and VEGAS VINNNCCEEEEE.  great pictures.
back to Bank...REALLY random guy getting us in with him on his little VIP list.
champagne and then England, who didn't know what a sorority is.
free shots and down to the dance floor.
back up to england..hahahaha.  back down to dance.  we were tres tired.

chloe, michael kors, barneys, the fashion show mall, the wynn, all around tres chic.
met the boys back at caesars for some diet coke.
decided on dinner...CIRCO!
"i assume you know the dress code?"  "oh you mean..i can't wear my bikini to dinner?"
maybe changed into my romper, we all played on the bed.
sean falling off the bed in slow motion.
"these inserts are fucking great!" - sean.
me and roddy wrestling..sean.."I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!" as he takes his shirt off.
sending the boys back on their way to get showered on dressed.
we got ready...maybe took some creeper pictures.
met them downstairs, they both looks FABULOUS.
L and i looked seriously great.
AMAZING table with a fountain show view.
riesling, sharing all of our meals with each other.
"this water tastes like caitlin." HAHAHAHAHAHA.
gambled a little, turned it in for the night. 

lots of fun at the caesar's food court!
helping sean buy kremi a necklace....sean was really into anthropologie.
staging a major distraction for lynsday so roddy could buy her the longchamp bag like mine.
went into harry winston and i def. fell in love with that ring when i tried it on.
tres chic little sit outside on the fountains.
daquiris outside and relaxing before we had to all leave.
the boys left, lyndsay and i sat at a tres chic little table in a window of the courtyard and planned my wedding.
off to the airport and home!!!!!

it was seriously a really hysterical trip. we laughed the WHOLE TIME.  it was gorgeous.  i'll have pictures soon.  we had a great fucking time.  i love my bitches!!!!!!!